Audit Your Spend & Optimize For Post-Quarantine

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog about how digital audits help businesses meet and exceed strategic goals. While that remains true, the coronavirus pandemic has caused such an upheaval that we thought it’d be helpful to approach the idea of a digital audit with current events in mind. Let’s discuss why now – especially if your current digital & social media advertising is on pause – is an ideal time to audit your spend, identify inefficiencies, and come back stronger when business opens again.

Most of us are a few weeks into the “new normal” of working from home and staying indoors as much as possible. This isolation means all non-essential outings and activities are on hold indefinitely. In just a few short weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has altered how society works, lives, shops, and interacts. Such global shifts in consumer behavior have affected advertising, marketing, and digital media. There are no case studies for the current situation, and brands, consumers, and advertisers find themselves pivoting their strategies every day.  

The virus is affecting the majority of the economy. However, due to the number of people suddenly homebound with newfound free time and need for distraction, the hours spent on Facebook and Instagram are going up. As a result, ad inventory is rising while competition among advertisers falls. Facebook Ads function as a marketplace, so we now see dramatically lower costs to get ads in front of people, and low CPMs mean opportunities for any businesses that continue to service their community and maintain operations in these challenging times. If you’ve decided to turn off your advertising due to the COVID-19 crisis, now is the time to do an audit of your spend and performance, especially on digital and social media. An audit will ensure you come out of the gate strong. 

Let’s work together. We can help your business perform a comprehensive digital audit that provides actionable insights tailored to the current situation. Give us a call at (781) 247-0730 or send an email to for a quote.