New Year, New Strategy: Why You Need A Digital Audit

We’re a few weeks into a new decade and that has us thinking: strategy. New year, new plan, right? Q1 is a great time to look over last year’s marketing initiatives, campaigns, total spend, etc. and take stock of what worked and what didn’t. If you’re seeing trends that skew toward underwhelming, it’s a good idea to perform a digital audit before another year slips away. 

A digital audit is a comprehensive, customized report designed to help your business utilize digital to meet (and hopefully exceed) strategic goals. Many agencies offer digital audits, but far fewer have the experience or team needed to really deliver an audit that has ongoing value. In our opinion, a thorough audit will look at both digital and business metrics and lay out a clear path to how those metrics can work together more effectively moving forward. Here are the first things we look at when conducting a digital audit: 

Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

Quantitative analysis is the core of digital audits. This is where you deep dive into the data. It’s important to understand that a digital audit won’t tell you much if you don’t have clear and defined goals with which to measure data against success. The audit should weigh your digital strategy goals against the metrics and evaluate what has been working and what has not in the following buckets: Google Analytics, PPC, Social Media, SEO, CRM, and E-Commerce (if applicable). 

Qualitative analysis looks at your digital presence as a whole and usually examines the following: Website Design/UX, CTAs, Brand Presence, Social Media Content, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and E-Commerce, to name just a few. 

Website Review

A website is one of the first things a customer or prospective customer sees. It is very important your website functions properly. A digital audit will examine your website for possible issues with broken links, duplicate content, missing tags, proper meta descriptions, SEO keywords, marketing automation, artificial intelligence/chatbots, and overall speed. 

Channel Breakdown

This is a high-level breakdown of each marketing channel that usually includes: Website, Organic Social Media Engagement, Paid Social Campaigns, Email, Paid Search Campaigns, Traditional Media, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, and Public Relations.  

Recommendations & Strategy 

Here’s where the value comes in. The audit should include recommendations based on the research collected and provide the next steps to build on the positives and improve the negatives. The most thorough digital audits provide an actionable plan with strategies needed to grow your business. 

Ready to dive in? We can help your business, company, or organization perform a comprehensive digital audit that provides actionable insights. Give us a call at (781) 247-0730  or send an email to for a quote.