Yahoo's New Cost-Per-Lead Advertising

Yahoo Cost Per Lead Ad Units
Before BING Ads and Google Ad Words management, there was Yahoo Sponsored Search (YSS).  For veteran Boston Pay per Click marketers and digital advertisers worldwide, all that changed with the merger of YSS and MSN a few years back. I feel old saying this, but I remember when Yahoo meant something, and was a really great place to get information.

Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer

Could Yahoo really be a thing of the past? The answer is clearly, “no”.
On July 16th 2012, I knew Yahoo was back.  That was the day Marissa Mayer left Google. Yahoo had struggled for years to find a leader, so hiring a person whose name was already on Google Images, Google News and
even G Mail seemed like a perfect fit.
I think we are already seeing the impact of her leadership with the new Cost-per-Lead Search Ads. With the new ad format, advertisers will only pay for advertising when forms are filled out on their sites, generating potential leads. Yahoo’s search engine results pages show actual lead generation forms as results. Up to six fields can be used to gather data and the delivery confirmation text can be customized. If users enter their contact information, the advertisers will pay for the service. The growth of this tool in 2013 is inevitable.