Apple has announced a number of changes to the way its devices will interact with third-party apps in 2021. Among those, Apple’s integration with Facebook & Instagram has the potential to disrupt many of the ways brands have been tracking users & targeting ads. Understanding data from potential and current customers is of the utmost importance when managing online advertising campaigns. While we are still learning the exact scope of these changes, essentially, users will be able to opt-out of cross-app data sharing and tracking will become more difficult. However, there are actions you should take now to ensure your brand is properly prepared.

iOS 14 Update Implications: 

  • Tracking will become more difficult (e.g., only a limited number of events will be available to ad analytics & targeting)
  • Will “lose” iPhone users once off-platform
  • Attribution windows will change
  • Without taking specific steps on your website, ads may become less effective due to a loss of “signals” of users opting out of tracking

Actions to Take: 

  • Some specific steps to mitigate disruptions include:
    • Installing a Conversion API (CAPI) on your website
    • Verifying all accounts (this is different than the blue badge public account verification, and must be done at the Business Manager level)
    • Using on-platform shopping (e.g, IG Shop & Facebook Shop)
    • Other workarounds specific to your website or brand

We’re here to help you navigate through this change. Please reach out to Ed Gazarian at ed@mittcom.com with any questions or concerns. We’re ready to schedule a meeting to discuss your unique needs.