As the world continues to struggle with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that we prioritize staying healthy and preventing any further spread above all else. But, with the recent introduction of the vaccine into the general population, it’s also time to look to the future with hope and optimism. Businesses everywhere are strategizing about how they’re going to succeed in a post-COVID environment.

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has accelerated the speed at which the world is “going digital” and has given new power to many online industries. Even though things may go back to “normal,” the new normal of remote work, online and mobile shopping, contactless deliveries, and shifts in shipping versus shopping etc. are here to stay. And, as evidenced by this year’s Black Friday numbers, these trends will only continue. Consumers have adapted to a new way of shopping post-pandemic, with 70% purchasing more than usual and over 90% saying that their behaviors have changed. Brands need to maintain an active online presence complete with the intuitive shopping experience customers have grown to expect, or they risk becoming obsolete.

We’re going to discuss what post-COVID marketing looks like and offer some tips to maximize your spend in Q1 and Q2 with a few post-pandemic strategies:

  • Embrace the rapid acceleration of certain trends.

Despite the vaccine becoming available to the general public in the coming months, life as we know it won’t return to normal for quite some time. The pandemic has caused deep and lasting effects–some even positive–upon society and the economy. In many ways, COVID-19 has hit the fast-forward button on a number of trends, from e-commerce to workplace culture. Embrace the digital-first trend and include short-form video and engaging content across your marketing efforts. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and has a snappy, pleasant user-experience. And, if you aren’t already, make selling online a top priority for 2021.

  • Approach your marketing with an “always-on” strategy. 

Quarantines and social distancing rules have shifted expectations around communication and shopping behaviors, necessitating an omnichannel, digital-first approach during each stage of the buyer’s journey. The fundamentals of marketing matter now more than ever, but many of the tactics leveraged for a successful campaign have changed in response to coronavirus. Instead of thinking in traditional ways, it’s time to consider the media ecosystem and the customer journey. Now, businesses need to have an infrastructure that supports each stage of the journey and engages the customer across the ecosystem.

  • Have an open mind when planning marketing campaigns. 

We are big fans of the media mix, or what we like to call the “stacked media” approach. It’s not the same for everyone. What works for one brand might not make sense for another. Digital and social media are perfect for some, but broadcast might work better for others. The same goes for out-of-home too. It depends on where the audience is and finding the right mix of media to reach them where it’s most effective.

Turn to the Experts

Even if things were to rebound 100%, the global pandemic is imprinted on our collective psyches. Consumers will return to a new normal after quarantines are lifted and will be understandably cautious in the immediate future. Brands and businesses should strive to be sensitive and offer value to their customers beyond the typical sales proposition. Companies need to be proactive in adopting new initiatives and willing to try new things in order to succeed in the new digital-first ecosystem. Give us a call at 781-247-0730 or email us at to discuss your marketing plan for 2021.