The Facebook “Want” Button

According to Webster, “to want” is to have a desire or wish to possess or do something. In contrast, “to share” is to divide a larger amount into smaller parts or portions among a number of people.
As an only child, sharing was not one of my best attributes, and sometimes I struggle with it today.  Wanting, on the other hand, is a concept at which I excel.  Heck, I think that given a choice between wanting something or sharing it,  most people would rather want!
With rumors of the new Facebook “Want” button swirling across the web this summer, businesses may ask why they should want, long for, or desire the release of this new feature.  Here’s why.
The Facebook “Want” button could offer a business the following:

  1. Great Insight: Businesses will be able to identify the items that are most wanted, and track them by all of the different demographics. Businesses will have more opportunities to interact and engage with individuals who want their products, and offer them incentives which can increase the ‘want’ to a ‘purchased’. (Yes, there are also rumors of a “purchased” button on the horizon).
  1. Community Habits: Businesses should also be able to track and create consumer needs/traits databases. With a function similar to the “like” button,  the ‘want’ button will let you see who is ‘wanting’ your products.  A business can then track and log that user and the products they “want”.   Great information to have.
  1. More Exposure:  Similar to the ‘like’ button, anytime someone clicks on the ‘want’ button, it will post to their timeline and increase the visibility of your business’ products.  An increase in exposure leads to more top-of-mind awareness for your product or service.

It is also rumored that the “want” button will integrate a digital “wish list” for the user. Everything they “want” will be complied in one nice neat check list so the consumer can check off their “wants”.
If we can trust this summer’s rumors, this new feature is definitely in the works. Until it becomes a reality, we can only want-wish-desire and long-for the “Want” button to hit the social network.