Ten November Tips for Pay Per Click Marketing

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing - Create Tight Themed Ad Groups

10. Create Tight Themed Ad Groups – Consider Ad Groups that are very specific in regards to text ad and keyword similarity. For example, a Honda Auto Dealership selling new Civics would have separate ad groups for “2013 Honda Civic DX,” “2013 Honda Civic EX,” and “2013 Honda Civic LX.” This will allow the text ads to target the individual car models, therefore increasing relevance, therefore increasing click through rates and quality score, therefore having a less expensive campaign that succeeds on a higher level.

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing-Create a Lengthy Negative Keyword List

9. Create a lengthy Negative Keyword list; if you are a Toyota Dealer marketing the sale of Toyota Camrys, but not aftermarket parts you want to include the parts terms as Negative Keywords. These terms restrict the display of your ads when included in the search. There is no reason for your ads to appear in searches for “Camry Alloy Wheels.” These lists should be maintained monthly and always expanded.

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing - Stay Relevant

8. Stay Relevant – While staying tightly themed as mentioned in #10, remember to stay relevant from the keyword, to the text ad, to the landing page. This is referred to as “The Scent of the Search.” Always follow the original idea expressed in the unique value proposition and the call to action of the text ad. This will ensure more successful Pay per click marketing campaigns.

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing - Use Google Analytics

7. Use Google Analytics to measure Google AdWords Campaigns. Even if using AdWords to its fullest potential, you are not getting the information about your site’s visitors that could be valuable for more success such as how long visitors are staying, and where they go when they leave.

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing - Geo Target

6. Use Geo-Targeting to your advantage, average cost per click varies from state to state; consider breaking up campaigns that target a larger geographical area into campaigns that target specific areas. By optimizing the separate campaigns, you will see a rise in CTR and eventually a higher Quality Score, creating a lesser average cost per click.

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing - Practice Discovery

5. Practice Discovery– In the often “copy-cat-crowded” PPC Search Space, there are always successful terms that get overlooked. Research and DISCOVER these terms, and be a hero!

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing - Text Ad Copy

4. Place Top Keywords in Text Ad Copy; If you are using “Key West Resorts” as a keyword, mention “Key West Resort” as much as possible, This strategy will help in creating a high Quality Score. If the ad copy is not keyword rich, your quality score will decrease, meaning you will spend more money for trying to land in the same position.

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing - Schedule Campaigns

3. Schedule Your Campaigns – Use critical information from the dimensions tab to strategically schedule when to run the campaigns. Use past data to discover the “window of opportunity’ in which your campaigns can succeed, schedule bid adjustments as well. This is done by percentages over scheduled time periods.

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing - Keyword Creation

2. Take advantage of Alternative Keyword Creation – The Google Keyword Tool is a great resource, not only does it give a clear indication of what your costs and search volumes are, but it can serve as a resource that lets you know if your idea has a chance. Sometimes the best groups of keywords that you can possibly create are the ones you assemble in excel by combining terms and modifiers, making “find and replace” more valuable than the sacred Google Keyword Tool.

Tips for Pay per Click Marketing - Bid on your branded terms

1. Bid on Your Own Branded Terms – Being at the top of the organic results no longer gives you exclusivity over your own terms. AdWords provides three ad spaces above the top organic listing, and if the ads are using the sitelinks or the location ad extension, your once valuable top organic listing is now “below the fold” of the page. Pay per Click also gives the option of changing the destination URL to the page or landing page that has the most relevant conversion opportunity. Lastly, we all know how valuable real estate is on Google, and two ads are always better than one!