Ten Important August Tips for Pay per Click Marketing

10. Do not ignore mobile PPC for one more second! It is just as important as desktop PPC. Start testing mobile campaigns and landing pages. Don’t rule out click-to-call on the “call ad extension”.
9. Use remarketing, even with text ads.
8. Use multiple ads for A/B testing. Never launch an ad group with just a single ad.
7. Make sure your keyword is in your text ad.
6. “Daypart” – this means re-allocating budget over days of the week and times of day.
5. Create separate campaigns for search network, display network and mobile advertising.
4. Be consistent with your keyword, your ad and landing page. This builds credibility, which in turn increases the chance of converting.
3. Identify strengths of organic campaigns and social media, and attempt to integrate.
2. Use ad extensions, sitelink extensions, call extensions, location extensions – even the new social extension for Google+!
1. Use geo targeting to your advantage. Expand targeted geos and restrict on a regular basis.