Take Our Hub & Spoke Model for a Spin

Is your eCommerce site providing the best user and brand experience? Mittcom employs a “hub and spoke” model that puts your website at the center of our strategy. The spokes—video, social media, email marketing, etc.—all become methods of qualifying and driving traffic. We’ll identify the right audience, right strategy, and right content to complete the customer journey. 

The Hub

By researching existing search patterns along with audience mapping on social media and audience sizing appropriate to your budget, we can determine where your target lives online. Then, we build your ad campaigns around their affinities to drive traffic to your website- the hub of your business. 

The Spokes

A fantastic website is useless without a laser-focused strategy behind it. We develop marketing plans that utilize video, social media, email marketing, organic content, and blog platforms to drive traffic back to the hub: your website. Once we perfect the model in one location we replicate it in as many places as your budget allows. The spoke model allows us to optimize the following goals: 

-Brand Awareness: Mittcom uses ongoing creative testing to refine the look, feel, and message of each communication while maintaining a consistent brand voice across all media platforms.

– Inbound Lead Generation: Using a layered media approach, we integrate all of your online activity with broadcast, out-of-home, OTT, streaming media, video, audio, e-mail, loyalty programs, and any other consumer touchpoint. We measure and optimize performance daily and scale our campaigns horizontally and vertically according to the data. Most importantly, Mittcom is platform agnostic which means we don’t play favorites. To best deploy your media dollars, we use AI to manage the bidding and humans to manage the message. 

– Conversions: We design award-winning campaigns to work together and capitalize on tracking data via pixels, conversion APIs, and other benchmarks while setting measurable goals for audience growth, CTR, and CPC. On social media, that means creating tiered campaigns with explicit performance indicators. In search, that means casting a wide net to show search engines that we are meeting user queries.

The Future Starts Now 

Don’t wait to start planning. Let’s get your business ready for the future today. Contact ed@mittcom.com and visit us at www.mittcom.com