SEO for Start-Ups

Are you looking to increase your brand online? Are you having a hard time reaching your local customers? If so, Google recently released a 10-minute video that provides young businesses ideas, tips and suggestions on how to effectively grow your online presence.

The video essentially gives you 10 great SEO tips in 10 minutes. We will sum up the tips for you in less than 1 minute:
1. Decide whether or not you want Search Engines to read your site as www. or non-www.
• This is known as 301 re-direct of your domain name through your domain provider.
2. Verify ownership of your site in Google Webmaster Tools
• Verify your site here, if you have any issues with your site you can contact Google directly
3. Conduct a domain background check
• Do a background check on your domain name, make sure that it wasn’t previously used by a less-than-reputable company
4. Open an analytics account
• Embed an analytics code from Google so that you can start tracking data
5. Create/Develop a strategy on your site design
• Make sure that your site is easy to navigate
6. Define your conversions in analytics
• Set analytics goals for you site, if someone fills out a form, purchases a product or someone signs up for a newsletter, you have achieved a goal!
7. Be smart about your websites copy
• Make sure to include query terms in the text on your website, for example, if you have a company that sells athletic shoes you should include the term(s) that are more likely to be searched for i.e. “running shoes”.
8. Page load time
• Don’t focus on site fanciness; rather focus on the content of the site. Fanciness can contribute to a slow load time
9. Site Ranking
• Once you have your site up and running, check to see where you rank for you company name. Hopefully you are #1, with sitelinks.
10. Social Media Marketing
• Make sure that you incorporate your business/website on your social media platforms.
Follow these steps and you will be on the path to growing your brand in a positive direction. If you are having problems give Mittcom a shout and we will help you achieve your goals.