SEO and SEM: They’re on the Same Team

Many people have different strategies and approaches when it comes to SEO and SEM(PPC) campaigns.  While these methods of advertising are different from a fundamental perspective, their end goal is the same. Both SEO and SEM campaigns are geared to attract users to your website while fighting in a sea against your competitions. Top marketing experts are treating SEM and SEO as a team to make each segment perform better. Below are a list of reasons why your business should be leveraging SEM and SEO as a combined strategy.


Going back to the sea example from earlier, SEO and SEM together are essentially like having more fishing rods in the ocean. PPC ads consist of the top 3 ads on google search results as well as more on the side. All the other search results come from organic traffic based on SEO best practice methods. By having both an SEO and SEM strategy your company’s website has more chances to appear on search engines.  By appearing more on search engines you have a better chance of controlling where this user ends up. This is extremely important if there are any negative reviews about your company on popular sites like Google or Yelp. Overall, the more real-estate you have on search engines will give your business more exposure.

 Share Keyword Data

Running SEO and Paid Search campaigns provide marketers with endless amounts of information that can be used to make improvements in the future.  When SEO experts make a keyword list they often look for phrases that receive high volume searches. Although this is a good thing it does not mean those high volume words will lead to actual conversions. By analyzing keywords through Google AdWords we can gain a sense of what words are leading to purchases. Those words can then be incorporated to our SEO strategy because we now know people searching those phrases are looking to make specific conversions. Thanks to Google AdWords we now have an SEO strategy in place to be more successful in the future.

 Create Meta Descriptions from Successful Ad Copy

A Meta description acts as a great opportunity for your business to entice users to come and view your website. You can think of a Meta description as a quick pitch as to why someone should view your specific web page. One way to create successful Meta descriptions is to build them based off success ad copy from Google AdWords. By using keywords from successful ad copy for Meta description you know it is something users have a past track record of clicking on.

 Use SEO to Find Negative Keywords

Every so often SEO practices brings someone to your page who searched something completely unrelated to your business. One positive that comes from this is that these keywords can be added to “negative keywords” in your AdWords campaign. This will prevent uninterested users from clicking on your ads and therefore save you money. For example, if you are a store that specializes in high-end, designer hand bags, you would not want people searching for “cheap hand bags” coming to your site.
At Mittcom we have been able to enhance both our SEM and SEO strategies by using one to make the other better. Keeping an eye on data trends will allow your business to more effectively deliver a digital marketing strategy. If you have any questions please comment below!