Pinterest rolls out with new design

Pinterest rolls out with new design
Now more than ever, it’s especially important to keep up with the latest trends and changes in technology. Not only is it important to keep up with the trends for our own individual benefit, but our businesses can profit as well. We see an example of this with updates in social media networks like Pinterest.
Many marketers are familiar with Pinterest and how helpful it can be when advertising for their companies. But how many marketers are familiar with the newest Pinterest look? For those who are not familiar with the new look, I have outlined the instructions on on how to update from the old design in three simple steps.

Step 1

On the top right corner of your Pinterest account, you should see your business/profile name. Scroll over the name and a drop-down menu will appear. Click “Switch to the New Look.”
Pinteresdt new look

Step 2

When the pop-up opens asking if you are ready to switch, click “Get It Now.”

Step 3

Finally, a second pop-up will appear. The pop-up is welcoming you to your new Pinterest look. Simply click “Okay.”

All done! Congratulations!

So if this is such a simple task, why even bother to switch? There are many new features of the New Look that everyone, especially marketers, should know in order to effectively advertise their company.
Larger pins: Pins are now 735 pixels wide compared to the previous pins, which were only 600 pixels when enlarged.
Categories Location: The Categories section has moved from the center of the Pinterest page to the top left. There is also a new Videos section.
pinterest new design
No More Comments Button: Now if you want to leave a comment you must click on the pin and enlarge it, and you will then be led to a comments box where you can offer your opinions.
No More Repin: The Repin button has been replaced with the Pin It button. It is important to know that it does the same thing that the Repin button did.
Expand and Share: When you look to the right side of the expanded pins you will find more pins from the same board and pins from the same website. You can also share the pin on other social networks by clicking the Share button. Additionally, you can share pins on other networks and by email. You will also find a “People who pinned this also pinned” section where you can see what else people are pinning who share similar pins with you.
mittcom pinterest
Settings: The settings have been divided into Profile Settings and Account Settings. Under profile settings you can edit your name, username, about section, location and website. The account settings are found when you hover your cursor over your profile/business name. Under account settings you can edit email address, password, language, business type, contact name, search privacy, notifications and social networks.
pinterest new look 2013
Analytics: One important thing to know about this section is that you can only view your analytics if you have verified your website. After you verify your website, you can find the analytics section when you scroll over your profile name. Analytics allow you to see:

  • Number of daily pins and pinners from your website
  • Amount of daily repinners and repins
  • Number of clicks and website visitors
  • Pins that are the most repinned and most-clicked
  • Pins from your website that are the most recent
  • Total number of times your pins have appeared on the website and the total number of times they were seen
  • Finally, you are able to download all of this data

pinterest analytics
As mentioned, it is important for everyone to keep up with the changes in social networking — even if it seems like a daunting task. With all of these changes with the layout to Pinterest, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and resistant to re-learning the ins and outs of the new layout, but it will be advantageous for your business in the end. Take a second to update your Pinterest look and reap the benefits as well! Happy marketing!