New Facebook Cover Photo Rules will help your Business

The Facebook police have made some drastic changes that will have a positive impact on your page.  Facebook has loosened their restrictions on what type of content your business can use for a cover photo. This is the first thing people see when viewing your page so it is important to choose one that is both eye catching and useful. Previously, Facebook had a rule where only 20% of the cover photo material could be in text. Facebook is constantly changing their regulations so sometimes it can be hard to keep up with. The rules that are no longer in effect will definitely help your business connect with consumers. Having a social media marketing plan in place will help your company’s online presence in many ways.  You can think of your cover photo as an online billboard except there is no cost at all!

Cover Photo  Restrictions  no longer in effect

1.      Picture cannot include website link, email, or company contact information
2.       Call to Action such as price of Product cannot be included
3.      Features such as “like” or “share” with friends are not permitted
4.      Images cannot include more than 20% text
With these rules no longer in effect businesses will have more flexibility when choosing a cover photo. Providing essential information to customers can greatly increase your chances of making a sale. Users on Facebook often gravitate towards visual images meaning they are less prone to search hard for information. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg stated that 50 percent of content in an average Facebook user’s News Feed are images. By including basic company information on your cover photo you are making life easier for consumers.  Having a link to your website on the cover photo will drive more traffic to your site.
Being able to include call to action on your cover photo will allow businesses to provide more up to date information with consumers. For example, if your business is running a sale you can now provide the price information with a direct link to your website. Having a public cover photo will provide information to consumers who are new to your page. With these new options added, the public view will make consumers more willing to interact with your page. When users “like” a page their friends will be notified on their News Feed and will see the cover photo. Having an enticing picture increases the chances of people clicking to your page. Below is an example of a company’s cover photo appearing on the Facebook News Feed. They could have included text or a clearer picture to bring users to their page.

 Cover  Photo  Ideas

  • Promote new products or events
  • Hold Contests through Cover Photo
  • Include Picture of company helping the community
  • Picture of employees
  • Useful information about company such as new promotions
  • Show customers enjoying your product or service

Choosing the right cover photo is a great way to entice customers to check out other aspects of your page. It becomes a great way to humanize your company by having an effective cover photo strategy. With less restriction on text your business will have many new options to decide on. One recommendation is to create a new cover photo as things change within your organization. For example, if your company is rolling out a new product you could promote it on your cover photo for an extended period of time. You could always change your cover photo during certain holidays to meet that theme.
Are there any strategies your business uses that have been successful? Please share with use below!