The biggest factors that will be affecting media in 2017 are the continued growth of digital media and the absence of the feeding frenzy brought on by the political campaigns and Olympics.

More spending
According to BIA/Kelsey, “an improving US economy (projected 2.7% GNP growth), increased spending by national brands in local media channels, the growth of mobile and social advertising, and the continued expansion of online/digital advertising platforms” will drive ad revenues higher. With 71% going to traditional and 29% to the digital media.

More cross-channel media integration
Over the past few years, marketers have increased multichannel marketing, integrating Broadcast, Print ads, Web ads, Website, Teleseminars/Webinars, Direct Mail, Email, Videos, Articles (Native), Blogs, Social Media, events, etc. But the integration was incomplete with brand messaging lacking consistency across media. This year, as marketers get more organized upfront, we’ll see more campaign unity across channels and platforms.

More inventory
With the absence of political and Olympic marketing budgets, there will be more media opportunities across the board for anyone who chooses to take advantage of them. We’ll be working those very hard to maximize media opportunities. Another potential advantage; your messaging will not be competing with the high intensity of political and sports hype.

More bargains
With more broadcast media inventory available in 2017, there should be additional media savings for advertisers in the 8%-15% range.