Introducing Our 2019 Summer Interns

Summer is here and that means interns are back at Mittcom! Being an intern at Mittcom is different: there are no demeaning coffee runs or endless stacks of paperwork to file. We are happy to have four-time Mittcom intern Shae Jackson back this year and excited to welcome Kerry Luiso into the creative fray. Read on to learn more about Shae and Kerry and experience a day-in-the-life of a Mittcom intern in their own words.

Shae Jackson

Shae Jackson is completing her fourth summer working as an intern with us at Mittcom and is currently a rising Junior at the University of New Hampshire. She is studying to get her degree in business administration with a focus in finance option. She is a member of the Financial Partners Program at her school and is looking forward to deciding on her track within the finance option in either real estate finance or financial analytics. After graduation, she plans on moving back to the Boston area and pursuing her career in finance while considering the option of graduate school. In her free time, Shae loves spending time with her family, her friends, and her yellow lab named Kona.

At Mittcom, Shae spends most of her time helping our controller, Allie, with reconciliations and other day-to-day tasks. Shae also helps the rest of the team out on different projects whenever she can. Recently, she helped create a marketing calendar for one of our clients, assisted in the creation of a campaign kickoff brief for the team to use on different projects, carried out research on different skin care lines for the digital and content marketing team, helped the design team by gathering images that they could use for their projects and much more. Shae always looks forward to coming back to Mittcom and helping out wherever she can while learning from the whole team and gaining invaluable experience.

Kerry Luiso

Kerry Luiso is going into her Senior year at James Madison University and is spending her summer working as an intern with us at Mittcom. She is a media arts and design major with a concentration in interactive media and a minor in sports communication. After graduation, Kerry plans on moving back home to Massachusetts and getting a job in the media industry in or around Boston. She is a passionate gymnast who is the Vice President of the Club Gymnastics Team at her university and has also been coaching in the sport for the past five years. Next year she is going to utilize her design skills while she works with James Madison University’s Athletic Department to help them create and manage their social media platforms.

Kerry focuses the majority of her time at Mittcom helping out our design team. Under the direction of our VP of Design, Deb, Kerry has been working on many fun projects including: assisting with Facebook cover photos and carousel ads for various different companies, templating ads to fit different sizes so they can be used over multiple platforms, drafting new Mittcom business cards as well as helping to create graphics for the Mittcom Instagram and Facebook pages. Kerry is excited to spend the rest of the summer helping out wherever she can, and furthering her design knowledge by working closely with the skilled Mittcom team!