Integrating Paid Search and Social

2020 is almost here! In the increasingly-connected digital ecosystem, that means your marketing channels need to be increasingly-integrated. Traditional media, out-of-home, digital, social – they all need to work together in order to efficiently spend your budget, and optimize around reach, frequency, and conversion.

Among all these channels, paid search and paid social are two of the most important to connect. Here are three reasons why cross-channel marketing between paid search and paid social are crucial for a successful business:

  1. Increasing brand awareness and acquiring new customers: Once a website/landing page goes live, marketers use text ads on Google with the thought that search queries will be looking for information around the product/service. Once clicked on (and if optimized correctly), the ads lead to a landing page. Now, here’s the fun part – marketers can use a snippet of code called the Facebook Pixel (that is placed on the backend of the website) to collect the user information of those visiting said landing page. This information can then be used to retarget those users to remind them of the brand/product/service. Yes, those shoes from Zappo’s are purposely following you everywhere.
  2. Determining audience demographics and interests: Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager have a wealth of information about your customers – both the ones you already know and the ones you haven’t met yet. It’s important to understand topline indicators like age, gender, and location that Google reports, and match that data to your targeting on social. Once you understand how the audience behaves on both platforms, via social indicators like purchasing habits, brand affinities, financial and behavioral indicators, you can start to unlock the power of targeting on both search and social media.
  3. Catching users in every step in the journey: The capability to advertise in every step of the customer’s path to purchase provides tremendous opportunities for marketers to get content in front of more eyes and on multiple platforms. Customized search and social ads can be curated to push the user toward initiating the checkout process, filling out a form, or making a phone call. For example, a user searching Google for “Used Honda CR-V near me” might click your ad, land on your website and the next time they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed of cat and brunch photos, they’ll see a carousel featuring the four used Honda CR-V’s sitting on your lot.

The integration of paid search and paid social is instrumental in targeting the customer strategically, at the right time, and with a relevant message. This may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Interested in optimizing your cross-channel marketing efforts? Call us today at 781-247-0730 or write to us at