How one Company used Social Media to sell Airplanes

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Is social Media really an effective strategy to sell expensive products? While the return on investment can sometimes be difficult to measure, social media should not be ignored. Companies who have taken the time to develop active social media sites will surely tell you it is worth the effort. Piper airplane is the perfect example of a company who took advantage of social Medias many benefits.
They were able to strategize a Social Media campaign which helped them sell small airplanes worth around $140,000. With a specific plan for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, Piper was able to spread the word about their new product. Regardless of what kind of product your business is selling, the strategy used by Piper can help improve your social media presence. Having a strong understanding for how each social media platform operates will help your business choose the right content for your followers.
YouTube Strategy
Piper set out to create a video that would not be very flashy but rather convey the features of their plane. They used authenticity to demonstrate to potential customers what the airplane was really like. The people talking about the plane were Piper’s chief engineer and chief pilot. These two individuals are highly trusted in the flying world and potential customers can feel comfortable listening to their opinion. They did not need crazy graphics but rather focused on making viewers feel excited and about using their product. Although this authoritative strategy worked for Piper, the plan for your company could be completely different. In other instances it may work better to include more of an exciting video that will attract a larger audience. Having a strong understanding of your target market will help when creating content for users.

Facebook Strategy
The Facebook page was created shortly before the initial product launch and contained useful information for customers. Once the page was created, Piper decided to advertise on the Facebook ad platform. Advertising on Facebook allows for companies to post ads to consumers who meet their target criteria.  Instead of spamming thousands of people with no plan, you can directly go after your target market. Piper paid for advertisements to only reach individuals who had shown an interest in aviation on Facebook. This allowed for them to not waste any money on consumers who had no passion for flying planes. Once Facebook users started checking out the page, Piper began to post interesting content about the flying industry. It acted as a place where people could discuss news about Piper’s products. They allowed for these flying enthusiasts to talk with each other and only chimed in to correct wrong information posted by these people.
Twitter Strategy
Piper used their Twitter page to continuously update customers on what was happening with the company. They included live updates of events happening and when actual products were sold. Their followers could expect to hear from Piper on a consistent basis which is a great strategy for any business. Followers had an idea as to when they could expect to see content from Piper. They maintained a consistent schedule of interesting material which helped create a buzz about the product.
Key learning’s to use for your business 

  •  Full Understanding of how your target market uses Social media
  • Promote discussion with enticing material
  • Develop a schedule for content on all social media platforms
  • Advertise on social media based on interests matching your company
  • Provide different content to Twitter and Facebook
  • Update followers on company events

Since every company is different it is important to design a strategy based on your organization, product, and target market. A younger demographic may act differently on social media compared to adults — companies should keep that in mind.
Is there social media strategy that has been effective for your company? We want to hear what has worked for your business below!