Heineken Remains Relevant with Recent Ad Campaign

Beer Companies are always coming up with new ways to try and get consumers to choose their products at bars and restaurants.  Even if a specific commercial wasn’t the main factor for choosing a beer, it still probably had some influence in the end. Not many people can forget the Budweiser horse commercial from last year’s super bowl which had many of us very close to tears. Although, playing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac in the background definitely had some influence on my emotions.  In recent years we have seen Heineken fall behind from beers like Bud light, Miller Light, Coors Light and Busch Light. In an attempt to stay top of mind we have seen an influx of different advertising campaigns from the people over at Heineken. If they continue on this path your friends might actually have some Heine’s in the fridge at their next Halloween party.

The Voyage

In June, Heineken launched a commercial called, “The Voyage,” featuring a man arriving on a trip to India. Emerging in a new country is no easy task but luckily this man has a friend to help him out, and it happens to be a green bottle. The man is surrounded by people in a chaotic city with colorful visuals all around. This commercial can speak to many different demographics which was a great idea for the company. They are a global brand looking to reach many different markets all around the world and this commercial did that perfectly. Personally, the beer commercials that stick out to me usually involve humor.  I will never forget the commercial from a few years back where a group of men see their friend’s closet full of Heinekens and go absolutely crazy. That one will definitely resonate in my brain a lot longer than The Voyage.

 Destination Roulette

In another effort to reach consumers in a different way Heineken decided to step out of the box for their next marketing campaign. Heineken introduced, “Destination Roulette,” which gave people at airports the opportunity to switch their ticket with a random destination by pressing a red button. The brave individuals who agreed to play this game would change their plans immediately, leaving the fate of their travel plans up to Heineken.  Since the launch of this YouTube video less than a week ago, there have already been over 1.5 million hits. Heineken was able to break out of the conventional advertisement ways and have people start talking about their product again. Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter were buzzing about “Destination Roulette”. This endeavor by Heineken goes along with the same theme as The Voyage commercial. Heineken is once again proving they are a leading company for beer drinkers all around the world. I respect Heineken breaking out of the conventional advertisement norms and trying something creative.
Heineken Ignite
Heineken is making a major update to their bottle in hope of increasing their sales and it is definitely more interesting than the Coors vented wide mouth. Now when saying cheers with a Heineken bottle your beer will actually light up. When you go to take a sip, the bottle will begin to spark and when you’re not touching the bottle, it will go back to normal. I think the initial launch of this bottle will intrigue many people into buying a case but will eventually settle down. I do see this bottle being more successful at concert events and clubs. It will act as a great conversation starter for many people to talk about when they are out at night. Do you think this high tech bottle will be a game changer for Heineken?

With a new series of advertisements for Heineken, it will be interesting to see how much it will help their global sales.
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Do you think Heineken has a bright (literally) future ahead of them? We would love to hear your comments below!