Google Chromecast, Is This the Future of Entertainment?

For years the internet and television have lived completely separate from each other. People have been able to watch video content on the internet along with watch whatever content is being played on their television. A few years ago Apple introduced Apple TV, which helped merge these two types of technology and inevitably open up a new market for technology brands. Apple TV sales took off rapidly and the new device was quickly Apple’s number one selling product in stores. However it still has many limitations and the cost for it is rather high compared to what it can do.
apple-tv-3-xl, Apple TV
Google plans to solve these issues by providing this more affordable and versatile device. On Wednesday July 24, 2013 Google released the new Google Chromecast to the market. This compact easy to use device is a simple internet connecting thumb drive that connects to high-definition TVs. This device can be controlled with computers both laptop and desktop, tablets and smart phones.
chromecast1, Google Chromecast
Now you may be thinking that this is simply Google’s way of copying Apple to keep up with the marketwrong. There are a number of features that make this new device way better than Apple TV. First off Google has made sure to make this device compatible with all types of software where as Apple TV is only compatible with Apple software. This will allow way more people to be able to use this product. Whether it is being used with an Android phone, a PC or Mac computer, or numerous tablets; it will be an easy way to connect your TV to the internet. Now the next major feature that separates it from its competitors is its wonderfully low price tag. Apple TV is sold with a price tag right around $100. The new Google Chromecast is available for $35 a minute fraction of that price. On top of the actual price of the device itself being lower than its competitors, Google will include three free months of Netflix with the purchase of a Chromecast. This includes consumers who are already members of Netflix. This means if you have an existing Netflix account the new Chromecast will only cost $11. Now that is a deal.
chromecast-plugged-in, Google Chromecast
The one drawback to the Chromecast is that it does have limited available content. It offers basically the same content as the Apple TV device. However Google says that the device itself is only the beginning. Google is not interested so much in making a large profit off of the Chromecast device but in the software market that the device is opening up. Google says that they will be proactively releasing new software for the device in the near future to keep expanding its possibilities. As one of the leading Advertising agencies in Boston  we strive to be up to date with what is going on in the world of technology.
What do you think about this new product? Do you think this could be the future of at home entertainment?