The Facebook Card: The Gift that keeps on Giving?

Do we now have a one-stop-shop for gift giving? It appears that Facebook may have just created that solution. Facebook announced today the roll out of their new Facebook Card. Yes, it’s real credit card style reusable gift card.

 Facebook Card

So how does it work? Easy, you will be able to go to some of your favorite retailers Facebook page (like Target, Sephora, and many others) where you will be able to purchase a gift card of a desired amount for you or a friend, once purchased you will be notified that a gift card has been purchased for you and by whom. Facebook will then mail you the Facebook Card, which you should receive a few days after the purchase, once you have received your card you are free to use accordingly.

Wait, that’s not it, with the new Facebook card you have the ability to carry multiple balances of gift cards on one card. So, if my 84 year old Grandmother (yes, Grandma uses Facebook) purchases multiple gift cards for me (hint-hint Grandma) everything will be on one Facebook card. You will have the ability to real-time monitor and manage your Facebook Card through your Facebook account settings on both mobile and desktop devices. This way you can keep track of your balances on each account.

Facebook Card monitoring

This is a very interesting concept as Facebook continues to rollout new features like Graph Search and Facebook Nearby. How much of a game changer with this really be? In my opinion, I don’t think Grandma will be purchasing me a Facebook Card any time soon, that’s ok I still love you Gram-Gram. But how will the rest of the Facebook community react to this? Having one card for all of your gift cards actually isn’t a bad idea; consolidation is never a bad thing. However, just when you thought our society wasn’t lazy enough we now have this. Christmas is a long ways away but I can’t wait for my one gift under the tree, thanks Facebook.