Content Marketing

With the pervasive impact of digital and social media, people are seeking out and consuming information from different sources. Stepping outside the parameters of traditional advertising, Mittcom helps businesses reach and influence these consumers by providing engaging content that they find value in. Planning the design and delivery of digital content within an overall marketing strategy is the key to its success.


AKA Native advertising. These are “ad units” designed to appear as editorial or news articles. The keys here are to provide real, relevant value and stay within the editorial format. Mittcom leverages this type of advertising vehicle for its B2B clients and places through traditional advertising channels to position these clients as newsworthy and authoritative.

B2B and B2C Branded Content

Branded content can include articles, videos, podcasts, even live events. It can be educational or entertaining. Sponsored by and consistent with the brand, the audience chooses to engage because we design the content to please them, not to directly sell them. This content can then be shared or promoted on social media or though paid digital advertising.

Influencer Partnerships

Used strategically and negotiated prudently, leveraging individuals with large social followings as brand advocates is a power tool for organically driving our clients products or brand message across social media platforms. Mittcom identifies appropriate influencers by researching the demographics of their followers and the quality of the content they generate. We then collaborate with them to produce programs and contents that can be used to achieve our goals.