Build Your E-Commerce Business on Amazon

The pandemic has forced years of digital commerce transformation into just a few months. In addition, quarantines and social distancing rules have shifted expectations around communication and shopping behaviors, necessitating an omnichannel, digital-first approach during each stage of the buyer’s journey. E-commerce is the future of consumer shopping, and brands will be hard-pressed to succeed without it. 

Before pandemic-necessitated lockdowns, consumer shopping behavior was a pretty even mix of traditional and online. However, consumers have adapted to a new way of shopping post-pandemic, with 70% purchasing more than usual and over 90% of customers saying that their shopping behaviors are now different. From humble beginnings just 26 years ago, Amazon is now synonymous with e-commerce. The global retailer owns a whopping 38% of the e-commerce market, and consumer spending on Amazon between May and July of 2020 was up 60% from the same time in the previous year. According to recent industry figures, Amazon is the leading e-retailer in the United States, with close to 386 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 net sales

Amazon is also the third-biggest digital ad seller in the United States, after Facebook and Google. Because of how e-commerce works, advertising on Amazon is necessary for just about anyone selling on the site. According to marketing surveys, when online shoppers buy something, half go directly to Amazon to search, and half go to Google. In 2021, Amazon’s global ad revenue is set to reach an impressive 26.1 billion U.S. dollars and gives tech giants like Google and Facebook a run for their (ad) money. 

While selling on Amazon is a smart idea, it’s easier said than done. Setting up and managing the seller portal requires a certain level of expertise and technical know-how. With years of experience behind us, Mittcom knows how to launch, optimize & grow your brand on Amazon. Our “Retail Acceleration Program” will take you from zero to selling in just 30 days. This unique program includes:

  • Review of Current Assets
  • Research 
  • Minimum Viable Product Website
  • Social Media Setup
  • Amazon Store / Paid Search Setup 

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