Today, Keeping Your Doors Open Means Keeping Your Mind Open

Now Is The Time To Boost Your Digital Ad Spend

Digital media has begun to feel the invasive and pervasive effects of coronavirus. In the past week alone, hundreds of thousands of consumers have been forced indoors to curtail the spread of COVID-19. With hope for recovery on the horizon, families are spending more time together, and lots more time online. 

Some advertisers are pulling back ad spend due to uncertainty, while smart marketers see the situation as an opportunity to take action and shift strategies and budgets. Marketing is the foundation of commerce. In this unprecedented time, digital marketers are in a unique position to reach consumers where they’re spending most of their time, online, and give them a reason to spend—deals, products, services—with well-placed ads and videos. 

Make A Strategic Shift to Online Video & OTT

Consumer engagement in online content is exploding– and brick and mortar foot traffic dwindling– with each hour spent in self-quarantine. According to Nielsen, streaming and digital viewership is up 60% from this time last year. For digital marketers and savvy brands, this is a unique opportunity to get ads in front of an audience with little choice of alternative activities. In an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, athletic sporting games and other popular events have been canceled throughout the country. This means that viewership is likely to shift to OTT (over the top) platforms and increase the focus on digital media. On a personal level, online content will offer connections and information between people who can no longer meet face to face or engage in the often social activity of brick and mortar shopping. 

  • Through OTT and digital media, Mittcom is able to reach cord-cutters and binge-watchers. The user must view a video ad before they can consume the desired TV or film content. The video advertisement is 100% viewable, non-skippable video that can be 15, 30 or 60 seconds long. 
  • OTT advertising utilizes programmatic technology to deliver ads at the exact right time, even at 2 in the morning. This automated process identifies spikes in viewership, then responds with the perfect messaging. During the campaign flight, OTT works to reach qualified buyers at the right time, when they’re interested and willing.
  • With 88.7 million households with Smart TVs, OTT reaches a specific audience where they’re most engaged — in their home — via geotargeting and serves ads that match the target audience. 

Now is the time to shift budgets from traditional media and increase spend in OTT and digital media. We’re here to help you. Reach out anytime at or call 617-800-4332.