Augmented Reality. Is this the future of advertising?

Augmented reality is a technology that has been thought about and developed for many years now but has not really been implemented in the advertising world until recently. Augmented reality (AR) has been used in all sorts of mediums in the technology industry. From being used in education, video games, and advertising, AR has recently exploded in to the world of technology.
AR is now making a considerable mark in the advertising and sales worlds with new Android and iPhone/iPad applications that allow the consumer to preview products in the setting in which they would like to use them before they make the purchase. Many of these applications also provide basic information on the products being previewed.

Utilizing Augmented  Reality


One of these applications is called “Augment” which is available for android. Another useful Application that utilizes AR in a different manner is “Layar”. Layar is available for android, IOS, and Blackberry and allows the user to find services in their area simply by pointing their mobile device at a building or street corner. This technology not only helps the customer, but also will bring more attention to businesses that may not be seen in plain site.



One application that is at the forefront of AR advertising is “Blippar”. Blippar allows the consumer to look at any product, weather it be on a billboard, magazine cover, or one of the actual products and see facts about the product. This usually includes information about the the products price, its contents, and deals that can be found for this specific product or related products.



With augmented reality constantly growing the possibilities in the advertising world seem to be endless. With a variety of companies using these new marketing techniques, such as Samsung, Dominos, Xbox, Best Buy, and many more, it appears that this could truly be the future of the advertising industry. What do you think about this new business tool and how do you see it helping your business grow?