5 Ways to Use Twitter to Find New Customers

Twitter’s engagement and active users grow every day, so it can be a great platform for Social Media Marketing initiatives. The average Twitter user spends 170 minutes per month on the site. With such highly engaged users, you can see huge returns if you are marketing to them effectively. In this article, I’m going to explain 5 useful ways to generate leads on Twitter. Are you taking advantage of Twitter’s marketing benefits?

1. Save #Keywords

Twitter’s 250 million monthly active users probably include a part of your target audience, so you should start engaging in conversation with them. Do you use the “saved searches” feature? Brainstorm a list of keywords that relate to your company. These keywords can be product names, product features, emotions relating to your business, or keywords related to your competitors. Make sure to engage with your community by favoriting, retweeting, or replying to the tweet. It’s important to make your audience feel like they are taking to another human to build trust. Giving your brand a human feel is vital when engaging with your community.
Make sure to use the advanced Twitter search option if you want to find tweets in an area near you. For example, under our @MittCom Twitter account, we could search “advertising near:boston within:40km”. In the top right corner of the search, you’ll see where you can save the search. These results will give you a live newsfeed of tweets relating to your business in your area. Then, you can reply to their tweet and tell them about your company.
advertising search
Start engaging with your community today by using keywords and hashtags in order to build lasting relationships with potential customers.

2. Create a list of influencers

It’s important to pay attention to keywords relating to your business, but it’s equally as critical to take note of your target audience’s other interests. This is an easy way to figure out how to catch your potential consumer’s attention in a friendly and relatable way. You will further understand your market, allowing you to engage more effectively.

influential people twitter list

3. Voting contests create engagement

People love to share their opinion; so voting contests are an easy way to gather engagement. This is an easy way to get leads by asking for an email address in order to vote, or asking for other information. Offering a prize related to your company will generate better leads for you because you already know that they have an affinity for your company.

4. Share for engagement

Do you know three of the most shared content on Twitter? Quotes are highly shared due to the inspirational and relatable feel. Questions are also a popular post because they spark an interest in the topic and will then lead customers to your website, where they will find an answer. Common questions will help your business get retweets and shares because they leave people feeling enlightened. Trivia is another standard share because your market wants to learn more related to the topic. The 140-character limit is small, but even shorter tweets are more effective because people are more likely to read your post.

5. Use Twitter Cards

Have you taken advantage of this awesome Twitter feature? Twitter cards let you add images, videos, and product descriptions to your tweet. Tweets with image links have five times the engagement rate than tweets without links. To use them, either add code to your website or make an advertising account with Twitter. There are eight different formats of cards, but the product and lead generation cards are probably the best fit for you. You are given an extra 200 characters for product descriptions with the product card, so any interested people can learn more about your product or service. Lead generation cards gather emails from the accounts that click on the Twitter card.
Above are five easy ways to generate leads on Twitter. With Twitter’s popularity constantly growing, your company should start taking advantage of the benefits of Twitter marketing. Have you utilized Twitter to collect leads?