Integrated Marketing

Today, there are a lot more effective marketing options. The challenge is developing integrated traditional, digital and social strategies that efficiently achieve sales and profit goals. To take advantage of the synergies possible by integrated marketing plans, you need a partner who is fluent in all the latest marketing practices but biased toward none.


At Mittcom, upfront research plays a vital role in forming all marketing, media and messaging strategies. Working with our clients and trusted third party research partners we use the most appropriate qualitative and quantitative methodologies available for each client goal, challenge and budget.

Customer Ecosystems:

In today’s highly connected marketplace, smart marketers have to open their eyes wide to see around their client’s business and perspective customers. To develop and execute an effective plan, it’s essential to understand the complex social-commercial environment, and the opportunities, influences, and potential threats it poses.

Media Mix:

At Mittcom, we are able to offer our clients a unique depth and range of media expertise. Three of the agency’s senior officers bring extensive media backgrounds. And each works directly with each client. As a result, all digital, social and traditional media options are well represented and considered as we develop an overall strategy and media tactics.

Driving Sales/Generating Profits

Some agencies just aren’t into the nitty-gritty of retail. We understand. It’s harder work, usually with less time and penny-pinching budgets. At Mittcom, it’s our livelihood. Whatever business a client is in, we bring an ROI mentality to each job, focusing on strategies for driving channel or retail sales and generating profits.


Whether it’s your business, a part of your business, a potential part of your business, or competing with your business, understanding the trends and impact of ecommerce is vital. An ecommerce website is your global storefront capable of business building, brand building and powerful research collection. Mittcom offers the skills and experience required to create a successful online business, promote it, generate income, and analyze data.


Mittcom is obsessed with numbers and statistics. We constantly analyze historical data to measure effectiveness and identify potential trends. As long as a campaign runs, whether it’s traditional, digital or social, we gather the response data, if not daily then weekly, to share with our client, so we can adapt and upgrade strategies, tactics and executions.