Creative Development

With changing communication technologies and evolving customer ecosystems, the shape and form of effective communication varies with product, audience and objective. Sometimes that calls for aspirational and evocative messages. Sometimes just informational. Some visual. Some audio. Some long format. Some distilled to few words or seconds. But never lose focus of the fact that you are talking to another human being.


Graphic design takes on many forms and functions. We focus on creating powerful and consistent designs across the complete range of marketing communication venues. Mittcom’s mission is to make each client look interesting, relatable and accessible. And to do it with a process that’s timely, responsive and on budget.

  • Visual Identity
  • Publications
  • Advertising graphics
  • UI/Web design
  • Packaging
  • Motion Graphics
  • Environmental Graphics

Video Production

Video is beyond ubiquitous. Its ability to engage and inform is undeniable. And the bang for the buck can be impressive as the bucks in the budgets get lower. Whether we’re engaging commercial production houses or doing complete concept-production-postproduction-placement in-house, our video department is providing value for pretty much every client on the roster with TV spots, pre-roll, social videos, corporate videos, educational videos or promotional videos.

Web Design

The art of website design is a delicate balance of aesthetics and functionality, with user experience the focus. As we have moved into the digital era it is essential to keep mobile users in mind at all times of the advertising funnel. With more sites being viewed on mobile devices than desktops in 2018 we make sure to always create assets that are 100% responsive. This means everything we produce digitally is mobile friendly.