Meet the Team


Bruce J. Mittman

Owning and running both Mittcom and Community Broadcasters, LLC., Bruce is a 40-year veteran of the Advertising and Radio Broadcasting industry.

Glenn Lucas
Executive Vice President

Glenn is our media director with a demonstrated expertise in developing multi-million dollar integrated media strategies with TV, Radio, Digital, and Print campaigns.

Allie Burak

Allie oversees all financial aspects of the company. This includes all day-to-day operations as well as overall financial planning and analysis for our clients.

Gabby DeMaria
Digital Marketing Manager

Gabby brings experience and perceptive focus on SEO for regional retail brands, helping them build the foundation of their business in the online space.

Amishi Sindhwani
Social Media Manager

Amishi designs and executes paid social media campaigns for our clients. She reports on data that bring different ideas and strategies to the table.

Scott Bernstein
Chief Operating Officer

Scott oversees the operations, account management, and all development initiatives. He brings a unique perspective along with a record of working across disciplines.

Jeff Billig
Creative Director

Jeff is our Creative Director and copywriter with extensive experience in B2B, technology, healthcare, and financial services as well as consumer goods and services.

Jonathan Amerikaner
Director of Video Production

Jonathan manages video production. His unique blend of creative talent, production versatility, and business smarts allow us to offer our clients high-quality videos.

Venice Sacco
Content Marketing Manager

Venice manages the strategies and creation of content that strengthens her clients’ communities. She ensures the material is consistent, on target, and on brand.

Ed Gazarian
Senior Vice President, Digital & Social Media

Ed heads a team of digital natives that relentlessly cut through the noise to produce big, brand-building strategies that move our clients’ business forward.

Deborah Delany
Vice President of Design

Deb brings experience in the digital, print and graphic design field. Constructing impactful solutions for clients, she wields expertise in all facets of design.

Andrew Thorp
Digital Account Manager

Andrew strategizes, implements and documents on paid marketing campaigns in Google with a clear-cut sense to the necessary demands of the client.

Chris Varnum
Product Manager

Chris is responsible for the successful management of accounts and projects. His experience and organization help to maintain order in a complex media landscape.