Five Reasons Why Mobile Media is the Future of Advertising

It comes as no surprise that mobile platforms have become a booming business in the past couple of years. Rapid development of the smartphone and tablet coupled with revolutionary app design has made it even easier to get your social media/news/LOL -on the go. Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to take mobile media growth seriously:

  1. A fifth of media consumption is now spent on a mobile platform.
  2. Tablet shipments increased 83% in 2012, PC shipments decreased 13%
  3. Studies have shown that mobile consumers are using their phones more to watch videos, meaning ads are more visible on mobile platforms.
  4. Twenty-six percent of all local search traffic (Google, Yahoo, etc.) now comes from smartphones and tablets.
  5. “Second screen” interaction has increased for both tablet and smartphone owners during primetime television.
    • BONUS: Platforms like Twitter account for 33% of “second screen” engagement.

Smartphone App Usage

Reports from Nielsen have confirmed that mobile media isn’t going anywhere. With social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest changing the ways that businesses can interact with users, it is important to consider how these growing trends could affect advertisement. Mobile media represents a huge opportunity for brands to gain positive favor with consumers, and innovative marketers can harness the growing adoption and influence of mobile media to make an even bigger impact on business.

What are your thoughts about how mobile media will affect advertising in the future?

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